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About Us


The Michael Greer Literary Agency is a team devoted to the pursuit of excellent literature across three principle genres;  Sports, City Fiction, and Young Adult.  Within these brackets, we are happy to read material from a wide variety of talent, and with different aims and emphases. 


In Sport, we believe that so much of the self-determination, inner belief, and the sheer tenacity of athletic achievement, engenders the qualities that lead to a better life.  Application, focus, and a targeted way of seeing the world that deserves so much more than a simple newspaper back page.  We get excited about crystallising Sports in books.


In City Fiction, we are keen to read about the ‘dark forces’ of the City – be that Gotham inspired traditional good vs evil, or the comic book style gloss of Cities across the globe.  We live in an age where the great metropolis means so many different things to different individuals – from the new age technology start up environments of Mumbai and Moscow, to the back street gumshoe traditions of New York or Chicago, to the Jazz inspired New Orleans, we’ll read anything.  And if it’s set in London?  Well, we’re almost a dead cert to publish it.  Almost.


In Young Adult, we seek out the reading for the teenage / adult crossover market, and those who can connect to their audience with some of the most original ideas in fiction. A mix of youthful energy, thought provoking dilemmas and moral fortitude tends to be the norm here;  but we want people that take that norm and make it their own.  After all, you’re only young once.  Aren’t you?




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The Michael Greer Literary Agency specialises in a range of services to assist the full lifecycle of a book publishing projectMore





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There is one criterion for our clients; talent. Given our Sports Literature heritage, we also believe in hard work, tenacity, and, if you've got an idea, we'll hear it!








If you wish to submit a manuscript, please send a synopsis and the first three chapters to us! Find out more below:More





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